We gathered insights about the brands impacting how people are dressed

Just like brands have to make choices for their customers, we made choices for our research. The first version of this research focusses primarily on the following brands. Don't see your brand? Let us know, we do have insights about all.

Do not only listen to your clients, but involve those
who are not buying from you. Only then you will be able to fully understand
the market and what the real drivers are for purchase.

— Marion Debruyne, Dean Vlerick Business School in Marketing Tribune

What we offer: how you can get to know consumers

Getting the right customer consumer insights to answer the relevant questions matters: the fashion industry is changing faster than ever before. Besides new competitors entering the market, customer's expectations have changed over time. Buyers are more demanding, show additional shopping moments - on and offline - and loyalty is shrinking.

A comprehensive interactive dashboard

A comprehensive interactive dashboard

Compare your brand to your competitors, filter and focus on the aspects you want to understand most. Learn how consumers perceive you and where & why they shop.

An in-depth one-day workshop

An in-depth one-day workshop

Deepen your insights at our ‘Behaviour Academy’ focused on translating the insights related to your brand and improving your overall data knowledge.

Bi-weekly consumer insights & inspiration

Bi-weekly consumer insights & inspiration

We gather, analyse and offer insights related to the fashion and larger retail sector, complementing the insights gathered and ready to be translated into actions.

Interested? Or want to know how this could suit your needs? Contact us via bart@true-north.be or via 0486 13 91 62.

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Why consumer insights matter?

Together with Data for Better Marketing (DBM) we get a better understanding of what is driving purchase behaviour in the fashion industry. How well do shoppers know your brand, what brands do your customers also buy, who is buying at your shop and - more important - who isn’t. What do consumers expect from you as a fashion retail brand and how can they be attracted?

Below we give you an overview of the topics we cover in our 'This is Fashion' survey. Together with your internal BI data it helps you set priorities right and take better decisions.

What to expect?

Marktinzichten op maat van uw merk

How different is your market from the overall market?


How well are you performing on the most important brand KPIs?


How differentiating are you from your competitors?


Which brands are most comparable with your brand?


What client types are you attracting today & tomorrow?


What are your working areas based on benchmarking?


How will you approach specific strategic segments?


How is your brand and market evolving over time?

The insights reveal answers to many more questions:

  • Is there a perception gap or a true ‘problem’?
  • What other brands are most compatible?
  • What are my qualifiers and differentiators?
  • What is my potential for true shop-a-holics?
  • ...

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How customer intelligence is moving their business forward?

Logo Lunch Garden

How can we better serve the
different audiences we serve?

  • Is awareness in food driving customer expectations?
  • How is our offering perceived?
  • How can we serve and keep our most valuable clients?
  • What to improve to attract families?
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Can we attract a younger
generation with our offering?

  • What are the top purchase drivers for the 'millenials'
  • How do we meet these customer's expectations?
  • What is the perception of our non-clients?
  • What should we change to attract new client segments?
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How to grow without losing our differentiating edge?

  • What are barriers for non-customers?
  • For what expectations are we under performing?
  • What attractable segments could we convince?
  • Which brands are most comparable?

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