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Going direct-to-consumer is often easier said than done. There are multiple paths to follow, but how do you know what’s right and what isn’t for your company and brand? And even more: how can you avoid channel conflicts?

Reach and engage customers directly to maximize your growth. 

Have you started your D2C journey? Based on the complications within your organisation and your partnerships you might consider a different strategy for D2C success.

True North helps companies identify and execute the right D2C efforts that are profitable & sustainable in the long run. We are skilled in strengthening the core of your current brands & businesses or helping you take a dive into the unknown with new concepts, so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a direct relationship with your customer. 


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Why Should Brands Go D2C? The 5 Drivers.

Why Should Brands Go D2C? The 5 Drivers.

Are there still barriers for you to start your company’s D2C journey? It might be the time to overcome those. In the following article we’ll be explaining five different shifts we’re seeing that will make it increasingly difficult for non D2C consumer brands to remain relevant in the future. We’ll be discussing these drivers and what challenges they may bring to your company in the long run.

What is D2C? The New And The Old Way

What is D2C? The New And The Old Way

When we say that a manufacturing company is a ‘direct-to-consumer’ (D2C) company, we mean that they bypass the traditional middlemen (wholesale, retail…) in order to sell their products directly to consumers.

“To sell directly to a consumer through digital channels.”

The Challenges Of Going D2C

The Challenges Of Going D2C

In our previous articles we’ve discussed the why you should start going D2C and which actions you can take as a business to remain relevant in the age of D2C brands. When embarking on this journey there are multiple things to take into account, so that you can be successful.

A strategic challenge in mind?

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