We make your strategy work

We partner up with our clients to turn their strategic ambitions into a working reality. We start by understanding you, your market and your customers, to work towards a deliverable plan and help you execute it.


Of Strategies Fail

How we make your strategies work


We make your plans tangible. We help turn ambitious slides into real business cases, concepts, products, positioning … for our clients.

We help you manage strategy. Everyday (operational) reality happens… Our clients trust us to keep strategic projects going, when their day-to-day takes over.

We help you de-risk your plans. We compare scenarios and prioritise initiatives based on research & customer understanding, so our clients don’t waste resources or loose time.

We have teamed up with True North for over 5 years now. As the focus of a CEO tends to drift off to day-to-day interferences, it is good to have them on board to keep the strategic focus on the agenda.”

kris lenearts

Kris Lenaerts

CEO Game Mania

What do we do?

Strengthen The Core

Growing your current business by overcoming challenges.

Business strategy & positioning

Retail & customer experience optimisation

Expand The Business

Extending your core by addressing a new market or a new customer.


New concept development & validation

Take Bold Leaps

Diversify your business by entering new markets with new customers.

Corporate venturing

Venture building

Some of our Cases

VCTRY for Game Mania

Venture Building

When deciding to build ventures you tap into the strengths of your core company. For Game Mania as a retailer, this is their in depth knowledge of the gamer niche within Belgium & The Netherlands and the knowhow to reach them. 

Knowing this opened multiple doors during our workshops with the CEO. One of them was the start of VCTRY, an advertising agency focussed on reaching the gamer community, triggering audiences with gamification and everything surrounding that. Together with the CEO we launched the MVP of this agency, working with freelance experienced advertising strategists & creatives with a love for gaming.

Today this initiative has grown into a full fledged agency with multiple big clients, such as JBL, Starbucks, Kinepolis etc.

Beka for Recticel

D2C, Retail & Customer Experience Optimisation

As a manufacturer a connection with your buyers is mostly created by one sided communication. To stay relevant, knowing your customers and their needs is key. 

Through collaboration with the Beka brand managers and dealers we’ve created persona for the bedding sector, encompassing the different needs and shopping behaviour. Through this understanding we created a shop-in-shop experience, putting the Beka brand, its dealers and the customer at the centre. Self discovery became possible for the customers, while the dealers were provided with the right sales tools.

Planet Talent

Strategy and Positioning

Planet Talent helps the young IT talent grow into professionals, partnering with companies who are also invested in nurturing this talent. With a changed offering as of 2021, they wanted to make things concrete. This meant, writing down who they were, for whom, and which USP’s they had to offer.

During the first sessions with the Planet Talent team, we did exercises to concretise the company and its beliefs. After that we talked to young IT talent & professional clients to hear their take on the offering and their needs. In a final session with the team we put the two together to form the final brand soul and tone of voice and finalise persona for communication efforts.

Some of our Clients

game mania logo
planet talent logo

I have worked on multiple projects with the True North team. They are my #1 strategic partner because of their ability to balance business understanding and delivering solutions with a hands-on, creative no-nonsense touch to it.

lunch garden sabine

Sabine Vanderveken

Marketing Director Lunch Garden

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We’re part of the &Koo network & the Cronos group, connecting us to skilled specialists that help us make your strategy work. 
While we have this big network supporting us, we’re also skilled in working together with other partners and internal teams to deliver projects.

A strategic challenge in mind?

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