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Today, in all sectors the quest for growth is on every CEO's and boards' radar. Being relevant tomorrow is no longer a matter of merely doing  business right, it is about doing the right business. Companies need to mark tomorrow more than ever to earn their clients', partners' and employees' trust. At True North, we believe it is our mission to support companies in their quest for growth, their focus on doing the right business, in helping them to make a difference, to mark tomorrow. Every day again.

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To find true North has two meanings. In both cases it requires effort and persistence. Literally finding true North is about locating the North pole, not to be confused with magnetic Nord for which a compass does the trick. Finding true North also means to find what is truly important and differentiating for a person. Or in our case, an organisation.

To mark tomorrow is about defining what is important for your organisation, which is the unique outcome of your context. We help you find your true North in three phases.

Market & Customer research

Via qualitative & quantitative techniques, we deliver insights in your market & customers.

Business & Growth strategies

Insights are translated to evidence based business & growth strategies for future success.

Go-to-market & Storydoing solutions

Putting things into practice is when the iron meets the road. Growth, here we come.

Why we are different

We are a hands-on customer-centred consulting firm biased towards growth, helping organisations in different sectors including retail, services, construction & technology.

Evidence & data supported

We have developed both qualitative and quantitative solutions, like our BCC model® to define evidence based growth strategies, relevant for your customers, differentiating for your market.

Customers & insiders first

Our design thinking inspired 5/15/150® process methodology as well as the BCC® research method involves all required stakeholders, internally and externally.

An A to Z solution

In contrast with common belief about consulting firms, we work until it works. No promises on paper, but proven results. A network of expert partners help us put our strategy into practice.

Collaborative minds

Our team includes cross-disciplinary business designers, who work in collaboration with your team & our expert partners.


+10 years in marketing & business support for Fortune 100 co’s.


Economist with a user experience & digital background.


Open minded collaborator, political scientist & economist.

Jan Van Caneghem

Seasoned lead generation expert and go to market specialist.


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Our partners are all experts in their field, best in class. Focused and entrepreneurial.

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